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Sara Peck Colby

Eldor Gemst

Sara Colby was born in Montreal, Canada

S T U D I E S : MONTREAL MUSEUM SCHOOL OF FINE ART with Arthur Lismer ,1965-1968


BANFF SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS with Charles Stegeman , ALBERTA 1967

I have been painting the landscapes around the Eastern Townships 
of Quebec for over forty years. I use my work as a form of communication, endeavoring to touch the viewer with a memory of a favourite time of day, a season or an angle of light.
My paintings evoke walks in fields or quiet country roads. I use patterns and rhythms, shadows, branches, distant fields, to show informal glimpses of peaceful life.
 With a strong sense of design, my paintings sometimes verge on abstract.
I paint from life.
 I paint to tell surprise and delight in what I see.

Sara Colby lives and works in Montreal, though much of her inspiration comes from time spent in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

Click on image to view some of Sara's works...

Click on image to view some of Sara's works...

Other Works

Eldor Gemst

Among the other art we carry are works by Abe Pinchuk, Arthur J. Beaumont, Nathan Letovsky, Louise Grenier, Telma Ferreira, limited edition photography by Eldor Gemst, and other great artists.